Do you want to be author of a novel?

noveland™ is the first platform for writing AI-powered community novels.
Purchase one of our NFTs and take part in the writing of a novel. Each NFT allows you to add a new piece to the novel, with the help of an artificial intelligence.

Buy NFT of the novel

A NFT token will allow you to generate a new piece of the novel!

Generate your contribution

Come back here and write your part of the novel with the help of our AI!

Earn from the novel's NFT

The completed novel will be minted and the revenues will be divided among the NFT owners!

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[ Sat, 01 Oct 2022 01:59:59 GMT ]

📖 Why noveland™?

Do you enjoy reading and love NFTs? Do you want to take part in writing a compelling story together with many other people who share your same passion? We want each of you to be an author of our novels. With noveland™ you don't have to be a professional writer. Indeed, writing is helped by an AI text generator.

✍️ How does this work?

Collect a NFT token for the current novel on OpenSea. Come back to our website and once noveland™ verifies the purchase, you will be able to add your part to the novel. The AI will offer you 2 different hints on how to continue the story. Select one of them and modify it to your liking. Once you're satisfied by your changes, this new section will be added to the novel and you will be officially an author.

🖼️ Why should I buy a NFT?

The purchase of one NFT allows you to add a new section to the novel and be credited forever as an author. Once all NFTs of the current collection have been sold, the novel will be completed and published as a standalone NFT.
All the revenues from its sale will be equally airdropped to all the authors!
Moreover, the novel will be published and sold as an ebook. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

🧠 How does the AI work?

The AI that powers noveland™ is on of the most advanced text generator. Once you connect your wallet with a freshly bought NFT in our website, the AI will write 2 different possible continuation to that story. However, as an author, you will be able to edit whatever generation the AI provides.

noveland workflow
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We are three Ph.D. students involved in Artificial Intelligence research but with a shared passion for blockchain and crypto.

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Web3 Dev
AI enthusiastic and crypto adopter since 2015. I also enjoy programming in Web3.
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Mobile Dev
Half tennis player, half researcher. I'm a seasoned shitcoin trader in love with Swift.
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AI Dev
Deep Learning expert. I like riding motorcycles (until autonomous driving will not replace me).



Mar 2022Launch ofnoveland™website
Mar 2022Launch and preview of the AI novel engine
Apr 2022Minting of99 NFTsrelated to the novel
Apr 2022Revealing title and genesis paragraph of the novel


May-Sep 2022NFTs sale and writing of the novel


Sep 2022Launch ofnoveland™DAO
Oct 2022Novel authors choose the NFT platform and floor price
Oct 2022NFT minting of the novel in the chosen platform
Oct 2022Novel authors choose charity organization
Nov 2022Charity sale of the novel's eBook

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